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Bigger base = greater potential


Every program out there offers a way to maximise your true potential. If you find one that suits you and follow it for years you probably will. But what if you dont have the pre-requisits to perform everything as prescribed? Are you really getting the benefits of the program then? Probably not.

The skill in the sport of fitness that takes the longest time to develop is the skill of strength. Strength takes many years to develop and you will only do that to a certain degree doing metcons all the time.

Thats where we come in. Our main goal is to build your base through thorough program design which increases your strength, power and endurance whilst keeping the fun.


How we work


We like to keep up the with the latest research within the strength and coniditioning continuum. We do that because we enjoy it therefore aims to deliver the best product possible.


Year round off-season. This is where we make sure that you dont miss out on anything. Thoughtful planning in a on-going cycle format.


This is where the macro-planning becomes detailed. Every movement, set, rep and contraction should be paired with the right stimulus by controlling the intensity of the session.

The team

Emelie Ahlin

Lucas Skog


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